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Organize Your Life In Easy To Follow Steps

The book Your Step by Step Guide to Successfully Organizing Your Life is designed with easy to follow steps to get your life organized.

  • Organize according to your working style and natural strengths.
  • Begin with a few easy steps that start you on the road to living an organized life.
  • Select a strategy to eliminate clutter that fits your needs and comfort level.
  • Learn how to successfully organize home and office cleaning tasks.
  • Organize your home with easy to follow steps.
  • Create an organized office by setting priorities and creating a schedule that will maximize your effectiveness.
  • Learn how to organize your computer and keep it maintained.
  • Organize your finances with checklists and strategies designed for success.
  • Organize your errands, shopping, meal planning, and yearly home maintenance schedule.
  • Follow checklists to organize one time life events such as moves or marriage.

How The Book Helps You To Organize

How to live an organized life is not a mystery. There are many ways to organize your life and to keep it organized.

The book Your Step by Step Guide to Successfully Organizing Your Life was created to help you find your way to living the organized life you want to create.

  • Find anything you need in less than a minute.
  • Create a master plan that can let other people take over your routine when needed.
  • Strategies to organize your schedule.
  • How to organize when you have an irregular schedule, problem areas, tiny spaces, and other special situations.
  • Try a variety of organizational tools designed to organize your life.
  • Learn the keys to success and other fundamental truths that are essential for progress and change.
  • Use forms designed to help you organize most areas of your life.
  • Visit the message board for support and idea sharing.

See the table of contents for a full list of topics covered in the book.

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The book Your Step by Step Guide to Successfully Organizing Your Life is designed to help you organize your life with an approach that works for you!

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Are You A Detail Or General Focused Driver?

Knowing where your attention naturally falls so that you can work with your strengths and weaknesses is essential if you are to successfully organize your life.

The Detail Focused Driver

The Detail Focused Driver can easily see the parts of a project. You see what needs to be done and are able to do the job well.

You may get bogged down trying to get every detail right, and find that you are unable to finish what you start, or to stop when needed to move onto other tasks.

Click here to read about the Detail Focused Driver

The General Focused Driver

The General Focused Driver looks primarily at the big picture. This enables you to move on when needed and not to "sweat the small stuff."

You may have trouble seeing details that need to be taken care of.

Click here to read about the General Focused Driver

Work With Your Driving Focus

Most of us are a mix of the two driving orientations, with one style dominant in our lives.

The Detail Focused Driver and General Focused Driver may need to approach de-cluttering, cleaning, and organizing in different ways.

This book will help you to determine which driving focus you have, and how to work with your driving focus so that you can successfully organize your life.

You will learn how to take advantage of your driving strengths, as well as strategies to lessen the impact of the weaknesses that are a part of your driving focus.

End Of Book Excerpt

Organize Successfully!

The book will help you to know what to do, and how to do it. You only need to bring with you the desire to organize your life.

  • Personal Preferences And Lifestyle
    • Organize your life in harmony with your working style.
    • Use an approach that takes advantage of your strengths, and minimizes the impact of your weaknesses.
    • Decide what part of your life you want to organize first.
    • Set your own priorities.
  • Organize According To Your Schedule
    • You can organize your life even when your schedule is erratic, unconventional, or very busy.
    • Follow a firm plan and schedule if that is how you prefer to organize your life.
    • Become organized with methods that work when you prefer not to have a schedule to follow.
    • Organize your life at your own pace.
    • You can organize your life if you have all day to work on this project, or only a few minutes.
  • Organizational Tools
    • Select from a number of very effective tools that can help you organize your life with success.
    • Organize your life using your current planner system or create one following steps provided in the book.
    • The book includes forms designed to help you organize your life according to your lifestyle preferences. Fill them out on your computer or print the forms out and fill them out by hand.
    • Visit the on-line Organized Living Club if you work best with support and feedback.
  • Strategies For Success
    • The book contains external links to resources on the internet with information to help you organize your life.
    • The book Your Step by Step Guide to Successfully Organizing Your Life is designed for those who need to start by removing clutter from their life, and for those who are looking for tips or strategies to help them organize a special project.

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